Mystic Messenger Hack Guides for more hourglasses
Mystic Messenger Hack Guides for more hourglasses

Want to try some amazing messenger game? Then you should try Mystic Messenger mobile game. It was awarded best indie game in 2017. You play a role who a host in this game. You mission is to chat with different guests, know their background and find out the true behind RFA. The story is very unique in each character. Through the game play system is easy to learn, you need to dive into the game to discover more gaming secrets. That’s why we are here to offer your latest Mystic Messenger cheats and tips. It will help you get through all difficulties in this game.

Decide which mode you want to play. The game offers three different gaming modes to all players. They are Casual mode, deep mode and Another mode. You can only meet specific characters in the specific mode. For example, you can’t chat with Zen in deep story mode, instead, you can chat with Jumin in the Deep mode. After you choose your gaming mode, you will be taken into a chat room where you can chat with your characters. Try to please your character in the chat room. As a result, you will gain hearts – it can increase the good relationship point.

Gain more hourglasses. They can help you do lots of useful things. Such as, you can use hourglasses to skip the common route (time consuming job), unlock special content and secret story ending. Generally, you can exchange one hourglass with 100 hearts. So if you have lots of hearts, you can exchange more hourglasses. That’s why we recommend you try to please your character in the chat room. Using Mystic Messenger hack is another option to earn fast hourglass in this game. Such hacking service always help players get what you want if we use it smartly.

Try to not miss any phone call in the game. If you want to keep your characters pleased, you have to make sure not to miss everything they send to you. Usually they will use phone calls to tell you something important. You should pay attention to the incoming phones carefully. Remember, every phone call will last for 10 seconds, after that, you can not answer the call any more. We advise players to set vibrate mode in your phone. It will help you notice the incoming calls easily.

This is our latest Mystic Messenger guide. Thanks for your reading. If you want to share your Mystic Messenger tricks with us, don’t hesitate to contact us via email.